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Bear Hunt

In the land of preschoolers, there is a song called “Bear Hunt”. And in this song you find the courage to go looking for a bear! Exciting! I know right??! Especially when you are 4 years old and repetition is life. The reason why I bring it up here is that there is a line [...]

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Learning your Attachment Style

You’ve probably heard the word attachment and you know that is has something to do with connection. Attachment style is a concept that therapists directly or indirectly often bring into therapy. What is attachment style? I describe it as the organized survival system that we create (most of the time unconsciously) to navigate relationships. In [...]

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Brainwaves and You

Brainwaves and You Brainwaves are very important in our daily lives and functioning. What are brainwaves? Your brain has billions of brain cells called neurons, which use electricity to communicate back and forth with each other. The combination of these neurons all sending signals at once produces an enormous amount of electrical activity in your [...]

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Neurofeedback: How and Where to Place Electrodes

In Neurofeedback, small, metal discs or “electrodes” are placed on your scalp to monitor your brain activity during the session. Electrodes measure your brain activity underneath the skull. Once we obtain your brain activity measures, it is imputed into the computer software, which compares it to a normative database.  In short, we know where normal [...]

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Open up your mind – through intercultural exchange

Hi, my name is Johanna and I am currently joining the InMindOut Emotional Wellness Center for an internship. I am from Germany and just completed my Master’s program in Psychology in April. Before I will start working as a Psychologist in Germany in August, I use my spare time and spend 3 months in San [...]

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Biofeedback without a Machine

Biofeedback without a Machine The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Biofeedback as The technique of making unconscious or involuntary bodily processes (as heartbeats or brain waves) perceptible to the senses (as by the use of an oscilloscope) in order to manipulate them by conscious mental control.  With biofeedback, a client learns to monitor and regulate the mind [...]

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How Learning the Languages of The Different Parts of Your Brain Can Help You Achieve Wellbeing – Part 2

Just to reiterate from part 1… Vertical integration or “harmony”  looks like all three parts, the brain stem, mid brain, and upper brain all working together to respond. Disintegration looks like a mindless reaction (with no time between trigger and response). The  “mindless” reaction and are characterized by these traits: Judgment Based on opinion Thoughts [...]

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How Learning the Languages of The Different Parts of Your Brain Can Help You Achieve Wellbeing

The brain and mind have been an ever intriguing subject for decades. Dan Siegel defines the mind “as an embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information” and the brain as the organ that houses the mind. Dan Siegel is the creator of Interpersonal Neurobiology, an up and coming theory that [...]

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A Success Story – Neurofeedback

“Following a series of unfortunate events and illness in my life I reached a very low point. I was emotionally, physically, and mentally drained.  Realizing I needed help, I made an appointment with Dr. Ingram at InMindOut. I liked her approach, felt a personal level of comfort, and a good rapport.  I felt compatible both [...]

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