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Expanding Cultural Competency- LGBT Population

Written by: Valerie Perez, Doctoral Intern Given the melting pot that makes up the United States, one of the qualities that psychologists are striving to obtain is the ability to be culturally competent. It is crucial now more than ever to be able to work with individuals that come from different backgrounds and still be [...]

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Help at our Fingertips

During these uncertain times, it is especially important to practice introspection and utilize the resources around us. For some, this might come naturally and easy and for others the thought of a broken routine has jolted the world into chaos. Nothing makes sense, tension is up and social distancing has turned into a punishment. Usually, [...]

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Being Present with COVID-19

As the world continues its battle against the Coronavirus, lockdowns and panic have been seen to stir communities into chaos. From food and basic necessities being completely wiped from supermarkets to hospitals and medical centers being in short supply of personal protective equipment, it is understandable how one might envision a future of darkness. But [...]

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Family Friendly Ways Children Can Be Informed of COVID-19

Although the case of COVID-19 is unprecedented and we are slowly seeing progress in our tactics against the virus, some basic safety measures are being revisited. For example, the steps to hand washing correctly and throughly have been posted in almost every social media platform available. Some individuals have even seen traffic signs marked with [...]

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