BrainCore AVE-2000 Rental Agreement

BrainCore AVE-2000: 10411E0548BC

 It is $30 to rent equipment for each week the equipment is not returned. Normal practice time with one piece of equipment is about 2-4 weeks, depending on equipment and individual. You may, however, choose to order/buy equipment on your own. The full amount for this equipment plus fees, $735, will be charged in full to the card on file if the equipment is damaged or not returned.

Equipment Included:

·        Braincore Control Box

·        Tru-VU Omniscreen Glasses

·        David’s Headphones


·        1 AUX cable


·        Charging Cord

I understand that InMindOut Emotional Wellness Center, LLC and its employees are not responsible if I have any adverse reaction or undesired side effects caused by using this equipment. I will not hold IMO or its employees responsible if any adverse reactions or undesired side effects occur.

I confirm that I have checked the equipment and have found it all to be included and in working conditions.

I have read this agreement and agree with its terms and conditions.

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