Testing Information for Children and Adolescents

Below are a list of guidelines for you to better understand the testing process and how to appropriately
prepare your child for it. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to discuss with
your clinician.

Benefits of psychological testing:


  • Children are often unable to fully understand their emotions and how to clearly articulate and communicate them, which makes obtaining an accurate diagnosis difficult. Testing can provide an accurate diagnosis and better understanding of children by assessing them in a variety of ways that are not reliant on their ability to clearly articulate their symptoms.
  • Children and adolescents often report that they are experiencing multiple stressors. Symptoms can often overlap, making it difficult to determine the appropriate diagnosis without thorough testing. Having accurate diagnoses helps to ensure the best treatment.
  • Testing can determine if a learning disability is present.
  • Testing can determine the severity and origin of memory, attention, and concentration difficulties (anxiety, depression, ADHD, substance use, PTSD , and other disorders can all impact memory and concentration).
  • Testing helps to identify thoughts and feelings interfering with academic, social, and family functioning.
  • Testing helps to identify thoughts and feelings interfering with academic, social, and family functioning.
  • Testing identifies cognitive strengths and weaknesses.
  • Testing identifies strategies to decrease suffering and improve functioning.



Testing generally requires 5-10 hours of assessment and one hour-long feedback session to provide the
client with results. The number of hours required to complete testing depends on several factors
including the client's ability to concentrate, how quickly the client becomes fatigued, and the number of
assessments required to be completed. Initial testing may reveal that further testing is necessary to
make an accurate diagnosis, which may increase the hours required to complete testing. Due to the ir
shorter attention spans and high energy levels, children often need several breaks during testing to
ensure that fatigue or boredom does not artificially impact their scores. Testing with children usually
occurs over multiple calendar dates, for 2-3 hours per testing session.


Testing Includes:

Assessment is completed over the course of several meetings with the clinician.


While meeting with the clinician, your child will:


  • Participate in a clinical interview
  • Complete cognitive assessment measures
  • Complete personality assessment measures
  • Depending on the age of the child, s/he may also attend the feedback session in which the
    clinician will go over the findings and treatment recommendations


As a parent or guardian, you will:


  • Participate in a clinical interview
  • Complete assessment measures about your child's functioning
  • If necessary, distribute documents to teachers to complete regarding child's functioning
  • Assist your child in completing measures about his/her functioning
  • Attend the feedback session in which the clinician will go over the findings and treatment


Payment for Legal Services:

If the client becomes involved in a legal proceeding that requires our participation, s/he will be expected
to pay for our professional time, even if we are called to testify by another party. If psychological testing
is conducted by a postdoctoral fellow under the direct supervision of a licensed psychologist, both the
postdoctoral fellow and the licensed psychologist will be required to be present for any legal proceeding
involving testing reports or data. Due to this requirement, the licensed psychologist and postdoctoral
fellow will each charge $250 per hour for preparation, travel, and attendance at any legal proceeding.


When scheduling an appointment to begin the testing process, a $300 deposit is due. This deposit is
non-refundable. Before the start of testing, the client will be required to pay for testing in full. Any
payment to InMindOut, LLC for psychological testing including deposits for testing is non-refundable.


Price includes:


  • Selection and administration of assessment measures
  • Collection of collateral information from physician(s), other provider(s), and school
  • Scoring and interpretation of all assessment measures
  • Time required to write the report
  • Written report including summary of findings, diagnoses (if applicable), and recommendations
  • Feedback session in which the clinician meets with the client to discuss and receive the written
  • Distribution of report to other providers, if desired
    • Price includes distribution of reports for up to three sources. Additional payment of $10
    per source will be required if a greater number of reports need to be distributed.



Try to help your child get a good night's sleep the night before testing and have your child take all
medications as prescribed during the week of testing. Please have your child eat before they arrive for
testing. Please bring a sweater or jacket for your child so that she/he can be comfortable during
testing. Your child may bring a beverage and snacks with him/her to testing.

Cancellation Policy:

To cancel a testing appointment, please call at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled appointment. If
the client does not attend the appointment or fails to give 24 hour notice of cancellation, s/he will be
required to pay the entire cost of testing and will receive no refund of payments made to InMindOut,

I have read, understand and agree to the above terms and conditions.

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