General Reading

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life: The New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
By: Steven Hays

The Book of Qualities
By: J. Ruth Gendler

The Gifts of Imperfection
By: Brene Brown

Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life
By: Dr. Henry Cloud & John Townsend

The 4 Agreements
By: Don Miguel Ruiz

Understanding the Borderline Mother: Helping Her Children Transcend the Intense, Unpredictable, and Volatile Relationship
By: Christine Ann Lawson


Book List for Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders General

Eating Disorders: A Guide to Medical Care and Complications
By: Philip Mehler, M.D. & Arnold Andersen. M.D.

Eating Disorders: The Journey to Recovery Workbook
By: Laura Goodman & Mona Villapiano

Eating Disorders: Time for Change
By: Laura Goodman & Mona Villapiano

8 Keys to Recover From an Eating Disorder
By: Carolyn Costin & Gwen Schubert Grabb


Life without Ed: How One Woman Declared Independence from Her Eating Disorder & How You Can Too
By: Jenni Schaefer

The Anorexia Workbook: How to Accept Yourself, Heal Your Suffering, and Reclaim Your Life
By: Michelle Heffner & Georg H. Eifert


The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for Bulimia: Using DBT to Break the Cycle and Regain Control of Your Life
By: Ellen Astrachan-Fletcher & Michael Maslar

The Bulimia Workbook for Teens
By: Lisa Schab

Binge Eating

The Food and Feelings Workbook: A Full Course Meal on Emotional Health
By: Karen Koenig

50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food
By: Susan Albers

Overcoming Binge Eating
By: Christopher G. Fairburn

For Families

Brave Girl Eating: A Family’s Struggle with Anorexia
By: Harriet Brown

Help Your Teenager Beat an Eating Disorder
By: James Lock & Daniel Le Grange

The Parent’s Guide to Eating Disorders: Supporting Self-Esteem, Healthy Eating, and Positive Body Image at Home
By: Marcia Herrin & Nancy Matsumoto

Feeding Your Anorexic Adolescent
By: Michelle Heffner & Georg Eifert

Eating With Your Anorexic
By: Laura Collins