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“Elizabeth Weber is an excellent therapist. I started with her in the summer of 2018 and since then my life has become exponentially better. She has helped me deeply explore and understand a plethora of aspects of my life and how they affect me. If some aspects of my past or present life and behavior were identified as affecting me negatively, Elizabeth provided me with phenomenal support, practical advice, and effective techniques in how to better manage these problems, ultimately resulting in me growing as an individual. As a therapist, Elizabeth is non-judgmental, empathetic, flexible, compassionate, welcoming, and well-versed on the topics. She is excellent at humanizing herself, is good at providing positive reinforcement, and is very practical, meaning she will provide homework and things to do outside of therapy so that individuals can continue learning on their own. Elizabeth does not personify herself as an authority figure, meaning that she provides individuals with several options for their treatment and allows them to choose the path that they are most comfortable with. She also stays updated and frequently asks how you are doing and always maintains a professional yet warm and friendly demeanor. Overall, my experience with Elizabeth at InMindOut has been incredible and I would not replace my time there for anything.” -K.P.
My son absolutely adores Katie. She has seen him through every element of his behavior and has been so patient with our needs. My deployment caused strain on my relationship with my son and has made our reintegration very challenging. Katie has been able to identify some issues that we have been able to work on to lessen the stress. Katie takes genuine care into her clients wellbeing and has been nothing but gracious in dealing with my son’s ever changing attitude during the sessions. The play therapy has become a beneficial beacon at home as well as during session. I will continue to take the skills given and guidance offered to try to mitigate the stressors added onto my sons life. We will continue our treatment with InMindOut due to the compassion and assistance we receive. -R.S.
In Mind Out Wellness center has a calming and welcoming ambiance, which really helps a person like me who has anxiety. I was referred to my therapist via a friend and am pleased to say my friend was correct that the therapy offered at In Mind Out is very beneficial. I have improved significantly and have learned valuable techniques about how to navigate stressful situations in my life. – T.W.

Neurofeedback & Biofeedback

“We’ve been extremely happy with InMindOut. Our daughter has made significant progress over the last 3 months.  Her verbal and written communications skills and her ability to organize her thoughts have really improved.  Her ability to express herself has let her true personality show through.  She enjoys the sessions and can see the difference in her own behavior.  Thanks to Dr. Ingram, Amanda and all of the staff at InMindOut for helping our family!” – S.K.
“Neurofeedback was beneficial. It was a good experience. He totally improved 100% at the time. He still has tics every now and then but not as bad as they used to be; they’re more like a hiccup. I only notice if my son is stressed out. Neurofeedback is something I would still consider for my son. I would do it again.” – O.H.
“An amazing experience, I love everyone here! It’s really changed my life.” – G.L.
“We have been clients of IMO since 2015. First started with play therapy for various unwanted behavior for my son that impaired his social growth in a classroom setting. Over a year ago his therapist suggested a treatment called Neurofeedback to help train his brain and bring him to optimum function. After various tasting, we began treatment and as he improved, we were able to target different areas of concern. He suffered greatly from depression and  anxiety and we did not want to put him on any pharmaceuticals. Biofeedback/Neurofeedback has been the greatest treatment for him. His technician, Amanda is very attentive and genuinely passionate about his progress. She welcomed any feedback from the school and of course from us. She always makes us feel comfortable by explaining the details of the treatment and consulting with us each time for precise placement. Her expertise is truly appreciated and I believe her dedication to her profession was most certainly why we had such great results. My son now excels socially, behaves with a calm demeanor, his depression is gone and anxiety is at a minimum with continued weekly treatment over the course of about a year. We are truly grateful to have been in the care of the psychologists and technicians here at IMO.”  – R.L.
“Following a series of unfortunate events and illness in my life I reached a very low point. I was emotionally, physically and mentally drained. Realizing I needed help I made an appointment with Dr. Ingram at InMindOut. I liked her approach, felt a personal level of comfort and a good rapport. I felt compatible both with Dr. Ingram and her office staff. It is the best decision I have ever made as we worked together for a solution to my mental health issues. She helped me identify my destructive behavior patterns and the traumatic events and family history that contributed to my issues. Most importantly, Dr. Ingram helped me modify my destructive behaviors and replace them with positive, healthy, self-affirming ones.
Dr. Ingram employed various approaches such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Psychological testing, Mindfulness and therapy sessions. After a series of Psychotherapy appointments Dr. Ingram suggested I try something a little less common, Neurofeedback.
Her practice is unique as she is one of a few practices in-close proximity that employs Neurofeedback. These treatments changed my life. Neurofeedback is non-invasive, drugless and painless. After these treatments I feel calmer, and less scattered. I find my concentration levels improving and I perform tasks with much less anxiety. The changes are subtle and have seemed to improve over time; my husband commented on how calm I am and that I have my sense of humor back. Neurofeedback helped to optimize and integrate my nervous system with the mental therapy techniques used by Dr. Ingram. There is a significant difference in my life with reduced anxiety, clearer thinking and an improved memory. Neurofeedback improved how my brain regulates itself. I feel better, think better and perform better. This treatment has provided awesome results for me; my transformation is remarkable, and the changes have maintained.
Knowing me before InMindOut you would not think I was the same person. I am a success story. My overall quality of life improved and I am enjoying life more. My intention is to schedule even more Neurofeedback sessions as I believe Neurofeedback is the direct cause of my improvements. I highly recommend InMindOut, Dr. Ingram and the staff. It can’t hurt and could potentially change your life for the better and forever. If you are considering therapy Neurofeedback might be a game changer, allowing you to regain power over your life.” – K.J. Thomas, New Braunfels, Tx (40 sessions)