Activities to do with your kids during Quarantine

You are not alone. I understand first hand as my child whines about wanting to paint when my will is to get her to do her writing assignment. This is not easy. Many of us are juggling the novel demands that come with working from home with being an insta-teacher! As if parenting wasn’t hard [...]

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Family Friendly Ways Children Can Be Informed of COVID-19

Although the case of COVID-19 is unprecedented and we are slowly seeing progress in our tactics against the virus, some basic safety measures are being revisited. For example, the steps to hand washing correctly and throughly have been posted in almost every social media platform available. Some individuals have even seen traffic signs marked with [...]

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Why Mental Health & What are the Options in the Time of Coronavirus?

During this Coronavirus Disease pandemic, stress is going to be on the rise in almost all households. One strategy for reducing stress or anxiety is therapy. Therapy is a means by which we can: 1. Let go of what’s weighing on us emotionally or mentally 2. Figure out solutions to short or long term problems [...]

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My Favorite Recipe in Quarantine – Acorn Squash

During quarantine, it’s easy to get sick of the same meals.  It’s also quite stressful with many family members now home, who are in typically in the home that need to be fed. During times like these, canned food is typical, but one food item that tends to last a while outside of a can [...]

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Five Activities To Do with Your Family in Quarantine

HELP!!!  The kids are home all day, our normal routine is nonexistent, we can’t go out, and I am now in charge of homeschooling my kids!!!!  Parents if you are feeling stressed out with all the new changes to “normal,” pause for a minute, take a deep breath, and know we are all in this [...]

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Personal growth in a time of Quarantine

Many of us out there have our attention focused on our phones or television screens monitoring the COVID-19 virus pandemic that is affecting our world. While most of us are confined to our homes, we find ourselves struggling to find meaning and find some sense of normalcy in this challenging time that we live in. [...]

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Life Balance during Quarantine

Change and achieving balance is difficult to achieve during everyday life. Finding balance in troubled times is even more difficult, but is necessary. Balance is finding the right amount of work/school, play and home. Now we find ourselves restricted to our homes, which has caused us to redefine what is normal for everyday life. This [...]

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Maintaining Recovery in Quarantine

Humans thrive on connection and struggle without it. Connection has been recognized as one of the most important factors in recovery from addiction, including addiction to alcohol and other drugs, sex and love, gambling, spending, overeating, or anything else people turn to for escape. As many people shelter in place during this crisis, it is [...]

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Keep Calm and Carry On – COVID-19

Sunday morning, since church was canceled for gathered worship, I decided to go to the grocery store and pick up groceries for the week.  HEB had changed their hours so that they could restock their shelves for the demand of items.  Originally the grocery store is opened at 6:00 am but this Sunday the hours [...]

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Untangling Codependency – Redefining Love

What is codependency? The term itself came from the rooms of AA. The alcoholic or addict is dependent on substance and the co-dependent is dependent to person. The definition of the term has broadened from its AA roots. A co-dependent relationship as defined by the Oxford dictionary as a dysfunctional relationship where one person has [...]

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