Untangling Codependency – Redefining Love

What is codependency? The term itself came from the rooms of AA. The alcoholic or addict is dependent on substance and the co-dependent is dependent to person. The definition of the term has broadened from its AA roots. A co-dependent relationship as defined by the Oxford dictionary as a dysfunctional relationship where one person has [...]

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Twirling Class (or lessons my clients taught me)

What an incredible privilege to be a part of the journey from darkness and despair, hopelessness and inadequacy, to light and optimism, hopefulness and joy.   And I recently had a session with a client who shared some profound wisdom gained during her struggle against depression and anxiety.  She also recommended I name my practice “Twirling [...]

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Tips for Maximizing Your Therapy Experience

Therapy is an investment – get the most out of it by planning in advance for your sessions and noting what comes up for you during the week, implementing new skills, an monitoring what works and what doesn’t.  Similarly, journaling key discoveries, new coping skills, or fresh perspectives can support continued growth with things are [...]

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How to see a Psychiatric Medication Provider in 5 Steps

How to see a Psychiatric Medication Provider in 5 Steps By Hilary Holmes, MSN, RN, PMHNP-BC –August 8, 2019   Step 1: Show up This is often the hardest part; showing up takes a lot of courage and energy. It’s a vulnerable thing to do, but in doing so you’re telling yourself that you matter [...]

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Part of a healthy relationship is being about to navigate conflict in a healthy, effective way. Navigating conflict in healthy ways has its benefits: an opportunity to learn more about the person you’re in a relationship with, an opportunity to expand your emotional window of tolerance, and learn to not fear adversity or conflict. When [...]

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An Unexpected Conversation: Coming out as Transgender

I wasn’t prepared for it to say the least.  Sitting over lunch with a therapist colleague, he asked me for my advice on getting his own therapist who was a “specialist.”  Typically I poo poo the idea that one needs a specialist; however, I do see where this may be helpful. “It depends on what [...]

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The Angry Mom

I spent like 95% of my childhood pretending to mom. Water babies, Barbie dolls, cabbage patch- you name it. I would disappear in my room and emerge hours later. Whenever I imagined being a mom in real life, I would’ve never imagined anything less than warm fuzzies, love, and perfection. In reality, everything is so [...]

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Why telling your story matters

When I was in my mid thirties, I was in danger of self destruction.  I was suffering.  It didn’t seem to matter that I knew why I did what I did (Oprah was so helpful).  I kept doing it.  I was so desperate for relief from my suffering, that I took an extreme step.  I [...]

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Learning and Memory: Why We Need It

Learning and Memory: Why We Need It Our everyday life incorporates memory and learning. Where would we be without it? We use our memory to recall conversations, facts, tasks we have learned, or even something as simple as our own name. What is the difference between learning and memory? Learning is “the acquisition of skills [...]

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Brooke Whitley: How Therapy Helped

Hi, my name is Brooke Whitley and I am soon to be graduating from Texas State with a bachelor’s degree in Family and Child Development and a minor in Psychology. I am also applying to graduate school to get my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  I started going to therapy when I was only [...]

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