Hand on Heart

If you have children and can remember when you were getting ready to bring your first- born home from the hospital, a nurse might have shown you how to take a blanket and swaddle your baby. You were told that this keeps the baby from flaying their arms and legs; calms them down and makes [...]

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Collective Grief

I talked with a friend of mine who I have not seen since the middle of February. We had originally planned to meet the first of March. His family has a family member with a compromised medical condition. We used to see each other every other week and now it has been four months…almost half [...]

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Utilizing Meditation During Times of Uncertainty

For many of us, the past 2-3 weeks have been anything but normal. With the COVID-19 virus on the rise, and local government rules and regulations changing daily, it is no surprise that most of us are experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety. Many of us have been mandated to work from home, our [...]

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Conversation Starters for Kids About Mental Health

1. What are you most grateful for? 2. What are you most looking forward to this week? 3. How do you feel about things changing? 4. What color best describes how you’re feeling today? More than one color? 5. What are the most interesting things about you? 6. What animals would we all be and [...]

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Expanding Cultural Competency- LGBT Population

Written by: Valerie Perez, Doctoral Intern Given the melting pot that makes up the United States, one of the qualities that psychologists are striving to obtain is the ability to be culturally competent. It is crucial now more than ever to be able to work with individuals that come from different backgrounds and still be [...]

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Help at our Fingertips

During these uncertain times, it is especially important to practice introspection and utilize the resources around us. For some, this might come naturally and easy and for others the thought of a broken routine has jolted the world into chaos. Nothing makes sense, tension is up and social distancing has turned into a punishment. Usually, [...]

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Benefits of Counseling

As a therapist we hear lots of different things throughout our day. We don’t always hear “the best” of things in peoples lives. One thing that has always struck me though is when people will say “I don’t want people to think I’m crazy” or “I feel so bad being in counseling.” These statements strike [...]

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5 Ways to Deescalate Conflict with Family at Home

Mediating with family at home can be challenging about now. Some people are mourning the loss of a loved one, a job loss, an unplanned event cancelation. Now all these individuals must interact with one another for unknown amount of time. While this may be provoking stress and anxiety, it does not have to be [...]

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Tomato Carrot Soup

Here is an easy and healthy organic recipe for soup in just 8 easy steps! Ingredients: · 8 cups of chopped fresh tomatoes · 2 cups of chopped organic carrots · 4 cloves of organic garlic · ½ cup of chopped fresh basil · 4 tbsp of organic olive oil · 4 cups of organic [...]

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Self-Help Mindfulness Resources

  Written by: Alexandra Reustle, MA, Doctoral Intern Mindfulness, in its simplest form, is the art of being present in the moment. Practicing this state of mind leads to all kinds of positive benefits both physically and mentally. Having to stay in our homes has given us the great gift of time. Time to sit, [...]

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