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Hand on Heart

If you have children and can remember when you were getting ready to bring your first- born home from the hospital, a nurse might have shown you how to take a blanket and swaddle your baby. You were told that this keeps the baby from flaying their arms and legs; calms them down and makes [...]

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Collective Grief

I talked with a friend of mine who I have not seen since the middle of February. We had originally planned to meet the first of March. His family has a family member with a compromised medical condition. We used to see each other every other week and now it has been four months…almost half [...]

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FAMILY FUN ACTIVITIES – A Day at the Beach (COVID 19- Style!) – Part 2

Written by: Michelle Goodwin, LPC - Therapist- San Marcos location Continuing with the theme of A day at the Beach, this blog focusses on the activities that can be done outside. These activities are designed to keep kids active and everyone in the family can participate. There will be some preparation for activities to happen. [...]

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FAMILY FUN ACTIVITIES – A Day at the Beach (COVID-19 Style!) – Part 1

Written by: Michelle Goodwin, LPC - Therapist - San Marcos location The days are getting warmer and we are still in lock down. Why not plan a day at the beach…COVID-19 style? There are inside and outside activities. The weather has been in the 80’s so it may be just the time for out-door water [...]

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Keep Calm and Carry On – COVID-19

Sunday morning, since church was canceled for gathered worship, I decided to go to the grocery store and pick up groceries for the week.  HEB had changed their hours so that they could restock their shelves for the demand of items.  Originally the grocery store is opened at 6:00 am but this Sunday the hours [...]

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Dinner Table Discussion

When I was a kid, dinner time meant everyone sitting at the table eating a meal. There might be light banter or a check in to see how school went, who needed to get done chores etc. It was a great way to connect and stay connected. Let me ask you this- when was the [...]

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Disagreements – Couples and Communication

When I was in undergraduate school, I was required to take a communications class.  The first few lessons were about speaking, listening and reporting back what was communicated.  I thought, “Oh well, this is easy.”  Then as I became part of romantic relationships, I realized this wasn’t easy at all.  It came as a surprise [...]

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Untangling Codependency – Redefining Love

What is codependency? The term itself came from the rooms of AA. The alcoholic or addict is dependent on substance and the co-dependent is dependent to person. The definition of the term has broadened from its AA roots. A co-dependent relationship as defined by the Oxford dictionary as a dysfunctional relationship where one person has [...]

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The Family Echo

Years ago, when I was doing marriage preparation classes with a colleague, he told a story about a conversation he had with his then pregnant wife about what she was looking forward to sharing with their firstborn child.  When Tom (not his real name) asked his wife Suzy (not her real name) what she was [...]

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