Hi, my name is Johanna and I am currently joining the InMindOut Emotional Wellness Center for an internship. I am from Germany and just completed my Master’s program in Psychology in April. Before I will start working as a Psychologist in Germany in August, I use my spare time and spend 3 months in San Marcos (TX). There are numerous reasons why I am really happy about the opportunity to work at InMindOut during my time in Texas. And that’s what I want to report about in this article.

First of all, I learn more about Bio- and Neurofeedback at InMindOut. I already heard a lot about Neurofeedback methods theoretically during my studies in Germany. But now I am getting to learn much more about it in practice. It’s impressive to see the wide variety of benefits one can achieve with neurofeedback methods.  However, you only achieve these results when you know exactly about the mapping of the brain, brain waves and the appropriate placement of the electrodes. It’s great to expand my knowledge about all that with the help of the wonderful Biofeedback technician from InMindOut!

Furthermore, it is very interesting for me to get to know working culture and especially the therapeutical work practice in the US. I already worked in Germany and for one year in Western Africa. So now I am gaining experience in Texas. I love to discover the small differences between culture and I think working abroad is one of the best ways to discover these.

Regarding psychotherapy, I was really surprised how quickly you can get an appointment with a therapist here. In Germany, resident therapists have waiting lists for clients and so you usually have to wait for several months before you can start an out-patient psychotherapy.  On the other hand, public insurance covers indicated psychotherapy completely in Germany and it’s a very standardized and clear process. In contrast, it seems more time-consuming and complex with all the different insurance conditions here and often there is a co-payment left.

As far as I can see, every system has its pros and cons. But I think it is always enriching getting to know different systems and expand your horizon especially within your profession. That’s why I am very happy about my time at InMindOut and never want to stop expanding my horizon through intercultural exchange.  As Seneca already said: “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.”

By Johanna Wunn